McGee Creek in Fall photo

McGee Creek in Fall

Bodie Car photo

Bodie Ghost Car

Mount Whitney in fall photo

Mt. Whitney Fall

Blue Lake Sierra photo

Blue Lake

Bodie Ghost Town photo

Bodie Ghost Town

Convict Lake Photo /></a></p>
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Convict Lake

Piute Crags photo

Piute Crags and Tree

Mono cabin ruins photo

Eastern Sierra Cabin

Bishop Creek photo

Bishop Creek

Piute Crags photo

Piute Crags

Dingleberry Lake photo

Dingleberry Lake

Bodie Wagon Wheel

Bodie Wagon Wheel

Eastern Sierra Photos

On this page you may purchase Eastern Sierra photos by scenic and nature photographer Lee Reeder. These photographs include pictures of the Eastern Sierra that include Bishop Creek, Bishop Pass, Dingleberry Lake, Blue Lake, Piute Crags, Convict Lake, Mount Whitney, McGee Creek and Bodie Ghost Town. Order Eastern Sierra photo prints online using a debit card, credit card or Paypal. For special orders, call Lee Reeder at 909-486-7274.